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joey's weekly tangle challenge #209

The last in the Finish my Tile ~ Ribbons and Curls Challenge series!
Tile #6 starts with the gentle waves of

Again, you can turn your tile any way you choose
and finish with tangles of your choice.
I hope that you find it very Zen!

Have a great Easter Weekend!
May the Easter bunny bring you lots of chocolate and drawing supplies!
~ joey ~

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  1. I enjoyed this challenge very much, Diva Dance is an old fave and became even more a fave after Helen's post in which she showed us a wonderful way to draw this pattern. Thank you very much Joey!
    Wish you a nice week.

  2. Hi, Joey. I like this week's tile a lot, and will have fun with it. But...last week's tile was #208, and you said it was the 4th in the series. This week is #209, and you are saying it is #6, the last one. Where is the 5th one, did I miss it somehow? I do stuff like that, lol: look right at something and tell you it isn't there!


    1. Oh dear sorry Joyce for confusing you! This is indeed week 6, last week's Coil was #5, I will fix it now. Thanks for keeping me in order!

  3. Ok, thanks for your reply, and now I understand. Also, now I know that I have indeed done #5, lol. Thanks again, Joey.


  4. Thank you for this nice challenge series. I did enjoy all of your challenges ribbons and curls wery much. Happy Easterdays to you and your family! Best wishes from Germany, Margarete


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