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joey's weekly tangle challenge #210

Well we are starting another series today!
This 13 week
Finish my Tile series is called
"Front and center!"

You have probably guessed correctly that
each week I will be starting with a tangle
in the front and center of the tile.

For this challenge you:
~ can use any shaped tile you like (I will be using circles. yah!)
~ can use black and white or add colour
~ finish the tile with tangles of your choice

Easy peasy . . . so let's start with the tangle
Mak Rah Mee

Have a great week and I hope that you enjoy this series!
~ joey ~

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  1. I'm back :) You probably didn't have a chance to miss me but I was in the hospital and then recovering from having a tumor and part of my kidney taken out. All is well and I'm cancer free. Hasn't been a great year until now I had my retina detached and my husband and I were both told we had cancer in the same week. I figure things have to look up after a start like that! I have 21 Staples to come out next week and my husband is getting shots every three months. Still can't see much out of my right eye but I'm trying to convince myself it's improving. It's nice to get back to Tangles!

    1. That’s such a heavy story, Trudy :-(( I’m glad you’re back and wish you two a healthy recovery...!

    2. Sending you love and healthy wishes Trudi!

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