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weekly challenges

I'm sorry that I am bombarding you with posts of tiles.  When I am off work I try to catch up on challenges and "travelling tiles". 
I decided to turn the tile on it's side and fill it with oodles of tangles!

This next one is another Travelling Tangles swap, this time with Lisa Anderson.  The theme for the Feb swap was Year of the Dog so there is a paw print string hidden in there.
 I went bold with this one using my Koh-I-Noor Woodless coloured pencils.

And finally the Diva #356 challenge using my name as a string.

 I find that I tend to reuse the same tangles over and over so I want to add some more tangles to my patterns book.

These are the ones that I have so far, 
but I would love some new suggestions for what to add!
Thanks so much!
~ joey ~


  1. Wow, Joey! I love what you've done with the 208 tile! The area above the coil tangle is arranged gorgeously, with excellently choses tangles! For tangle suggestions, some of my favorites are Ansu, Crease, Shard, Nymph, and Bunzo. Niuroda is also quite fun!

  2. Original and very nice composition.
    My favorite tangles are changing again and again. In the beginning I was fond of Tripoli, then came Fassett, Jetties, Toodles but Hollibaugh and Crescent Moon are also fantastic, especially wholly Hollibaugh.Cross-ur-Heart is also absolutely gorgeous!

  3. All tiles gorgeous, espacielly I like the Diva-Tile with your name.

  4. Pattern suggestions...
    "Kinggo" by Susie Ng. Love her work
    "Lee-Bee" by Sue Schneider. Really interesting design.

  5. Your name would make a wonderful personal logo. Beautifully done!

  6. Love your challenge tile - turning it was a great idea!

    Tangles currently charming me - Exis, Litbee and Bask-it. You could also always challenge yourself to use tangles you already know in new ways, I often get mileage out of that idea!

  7. Wonderful tiles this week again, Joey! My favorite is the one with your name. It looks so clearly designed.

  8. Lovely tiles! Love your list too.

  9. Your challenges are both Fab! I love how you completed your own challenge.

  10. Your tile reminds me of a Red Indian Headdress, but my fav is your name string tile! Well done, Joey!

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