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weekly challenges

I am home with a head cold, sniff sniff.  The first cold of the season hit our family early, my daughter first and now me.  
Crossing my fingers that the guys stay healthy.
But looking for the silver lining, I was able to complete my weekly challenge!
 It definitely looks like a piece of a puzzle, here it is . . . 

 And how the tile looks with the others . . .

I hope that you are staying healthy as the Autumn (or Spring) season starts off.
We have about 3 days of almost summer-like weather to enjoy,
the rain is expected to return by the weekend (it must be soccer season! lol)

My cup of Chocolate Panda tea awaits, 
isn't that a cozy name for a tea?
~ joey ~ 


  1. I love how your featured patterns are truly featured and how cohesive this is;-)

  2. Also in Belgium, autumn has started after a cold and rainy summer.I hope you will feel better very soon and thank you for giving us again a wonderful tangle to use in our mosaïc. Very original and nice of you to draw your 'N Zeppel in those little circles!

  3. I liked to play with N'zeppel in my mosaic. Your little 'hot spots' of this pattern are wonderful integrated in your mosaic. Your colors look like sunshine in autumn. In Germany we had a rainy summer too. To go out without an umbrella often was no good idea. So we enjoyed the few sunny days in this summer out in the nature.

  4. I think this would make a very beautiful quilt! Something to do in your spare time 😁. Hope the colds are over soon.

  5. Chocolate Panda tea sounds wonderful. Your quilt will look stunning when finished.


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