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my eco art studio

My 'studio' is tucked into a nook in our living room.  It is very organized due to the fact that I have extremely generous people in my life as well as having an awesome Thrift Store in our neighbourhood that often sells crafters' cast offs.
I suppose that my 'style' has always been in line with the saying that 
"one person's trash is another person's treasure".
I believe that I learned this from my parents who over the years have made many treasures from other peoples' cast offs.  (One day I will do a post on the beautiful quilts and children's clothes that my Mom sews for charities!)

I have a love of (gulp . . . ok let's be honest)
an obsession with paper products! 
My drawers and cupboards are currently bursting so last week I decided to use up some supplies by making a big batch of cards.

These are just a few of the designs. 
 During this project I really felt the need to put as much Peace, Love, Joy and Hugs out into the universe that I could.

All of the cards, papers, embellishments and transfers used were from someone elses cast offs!  Love that!

When the package of blank cards were used up but there were still paper scraps, I made tags.
And then with the scraps of the scraps, I made mini mosaic cards. 

Now onto the next pile of paper!
~ joey ~


  1. Thank you for those lovely pictures of your beautiful eco-art, I especially like the two last pictures, well done Joey!

  2. What a great post Joey! It's so nice to see artistic pursuits beyond Zentangle. Your cards are lovely and I'm especially inspired by those mosaics. I have a box of trimmings from my watercolor tiles/atc's that are looking for a purpose;-)


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