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weekly challenges

Oh boy lots to catch up on today!

This is my J challenge (#177) from my guest blogger Susan Theron
done on a round tile.
I used the tangles Jetties, Jeewels, Jalousie,
Jonqual (variation), Vigne and Vache 1.
 ~ * ~

The other day I started my 9 tile challenge
(better late than never right?!)
and at the time I didn't really feel too concerned about it.

Well, I admit that it is fun, but far more challenging
than I thought it was going to be!
(even knowing what all of the tangles will be, hasn't helped me!  ha ha!)

I decided to use Prismacolor pencils for this series.
Using so many layers of colour, as well as deciding where to put the patterns I chose, has made it pretty intense.
Not sure if it's very zenful but I am enjoying the challenge!

On tile #1:  I used the tangles Merryweather, W2 and Showgirl
On tile #2:  I continued the W2 and African Artist.

Wishing you a creative week,
~ joey ~

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