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joey's weekly tangle challenge #179

Thank you all so much for the warm response to my new blog!
I was very nervous on Sunday when at the last minute
I decided to take the plunge and launch it.
My first concern was that it wasn't completely finished,
but I didn't want to have to wait another 9 weeks before switching over.
My bigger concern was that we were leaving for a holiday first thing Monday morning and I only had my phone to try and fix any complications.
Thankfully it all went smoothly and my phone pinged with happy comments all through our trip!  Yah!

We visited Whistler, BC for part of our trip and I wanted to share a few photos for those of you that might be interested.
 one of the villages in Whistler * a couple of the ski runs above the village * river under the gondola

Whistler is a very classy ski resort village in
the Coastal Mts of British Columbia, Canada.
There are posh hotels, lively pubs and restaurants, beautiful art galleries, expensive shops and gondola rides to the top of the ski hill.
In the summer the drive is absolutely spectacular and I highly recommend a visit there if you come to BC.
(I can give you some tips on how to find the best deals!)

~ * ~
Ok now let's get back to business!
If you are just joining in, you can read how this challenge works here.
We will be using tile #2 today with the tangle
 I'm so glad that most of you are excited about this challenge,
I know it's very different
but you do come here to be challenged after all!
Have a great week!
~ joey ~
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  1. I think the main reason I'm so apprehensive about this Challenge is (other than the fact I've never attempted something like this) is I don't know what is coming next and I keep wondering is this going to work???? My husband has always said I'm a control freak darn he's right! After 50 years I guess he knows me... while sometimes when we go to Tim Hortons he'll ask me what I want in my tea???

  2. I have visited the East side of Canada (Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa) especially to see the colours of the Indian Spring. It was beautiful but I think the West Side is even prettier, I see wonderful pictures of Whistler, so sorry it is so far away but it looks fantastic.
    I'm really fond of this challenge but I admit, I needed some time to draw the second tile. I like that the tiles will be nice connected and that is not so easy as it looks at first sight, but anyway, I'm already looking forward to the thirth one! Thanks Joey.

  3. I love the whole Idea even more after the second tile! Thank´s Joey, I am looking forward to next step!

    1. Anita I couldn't comment on you page but thought your tile was beautiful!

  4. I just want to say (again) how much I love this series of challenges! Many thanks Joey;-)


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