* * * C R E A T I V E ~ I N S P I R A T I O N ~ F O R ~ E V E R Y O N E * * *

weekly challenges

Well I suppose that title should be in the singular form.
One challenge completed, my #214 . . .

Starting with Spoken, I added
Chillon, Jetties, Tipple, Neuron, Knights Bridge, Nekton, Warped Eggs, Y-Ful Power, Zazzy, Barber Pole, Crescent Moon, Jalousie, Jonqual, Buttercup, Beelight, Cruffle, Ginili, Bunzo and Aura-Leah. 

I had hoped to be able to complete
some swaps this past weekend
but a soccer tournament in Powell River, BC
kept me busier than I thought.
My son's team came back as Island Champions,
we are very proud of them!

I was happy that I was able to break in my new
travel journal during the long hours of traveling!

I will close with some photos of this very scenic area of BC.


When it comes to drawing my daughter will draw on anything!
And the bigger the better!
 ~ joey ~


  1. Hi, Joey,

    Congratulations to your son and his team for becoming the Island Champions!! Bravo!!

    Thank you for posting the photos of your corner of the world. They are so pretty, and I enjoy seeing where my cyber-friends come from. I grew up in Maine, so I really love coastline photos.

    And your daughter is quite talented...I love that she will draw anywhere!!

    Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.


  2. A wonderful interpretation of your own challenge, Joey!
    Thank you very much for your good ideas! I enjoy participating your challenges!
    A very nice sunny weekend for you and your family!
    Best wishes from Germany, Margarete

  3. Your Spoken tile is so rich of tangles, beautiful!
    I also love to see your pictures of BC, I was so lucky to visit BC once and I loved it out there.


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