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joey's weekly tangle challenge #220

Note:  I am sorry to report that previous link ups will no longer be visible.

Back for the 11th week of 'front and center' FMT challenges!

Last week we chose my least favourite tangle
so this week I chose my favourite tangle!

We are going to put 
front and center today!

*I have linked to a step out but it isn't how I draw Puf so this may be confusing.
You can probably see how my method works, starting with a diagonal line across the box and then the curved lines go out from there.  It often means that unless I take the time to place my lines, they don't line up with the box beside.  There are also more curved lines in my version but I think it makes a nice "puffy" pattern! ;o)

I've said in the past that I don't take all of the official names and methods too seriously.  I just do whatever feels right to me.  For all I know someone has named my method a completely different name?!
It's not important, they are all just random patterns that have been around for centuries (if not 1000's of years).
The 'names', however, do come in handy when, in this case, I need to explain what I want you to draw!

Have a wonderfully creative week everyone!
~ joey ~

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  1. It looks more like a curved version of Yin-Cut.

    1. True, it's a version of something that's for sure!

  2. I like your version better, and have done it like that a time or two myself.

    I hate that blogspot seems to be messing with you again...or at least I'm guessing that's why the previous links don't show any more.


  3. I agree with Jennifer and Joyce, I have never used this tangle before and draw it in the same way as Carole showed but I like your version more and will draw Puf in the future on your way!

  4. Many thanks to you, dear Joey, for your wonderful challenges. I enjoy drawing your topics very much!
    I really like your way of drawing Puf because I've always drawn it that way. It seems to me a bit more relaxed and livelier, not so cramped. I also think that one should not keep narrow-minded to given patterns, but also freely interpret. I have the reprint of an old book from about 1750, a collection of samples for designers and architects. There are so many "tangle patterns" included, although Tangle did not even exist back then. As you say, many patterns are classics that have been used for centuries for tiles, floors, decorations and more. I think you should enjoy drawing and developing patterns and develop your own creativity. That's the most important thing about drawing.
    Best wishes from Germany, Margarete

  5. I've always like doing PUF both ways (your way and the "official" way). It really depends on how you're going to use it. The Zentangle step-outs create a surprise at the end, but it's more direct and quicker to do it your way. Either way, it's a fun pattern.)

  6. Well, the law says we have to drive on the left side here in Thailand else we might get killed. Thank heavens drawing tangles does not hold us to the same standards nor does it have the same effect when, not if, when we 'change lanes' and I 'change lanes' tons of times. This Puf I may not have drawn your way or the original way, but my way, I 'gave it space'. And when last I looked outside, the world was still A-OK and in one piece. Tangle-on!

  7. Sorry everyone, I didn't know that the Diva used Puf last week! When I do a series of challenges I choose the tangles and draw all of the starts prior to the first post. Then when I have a chunk of time I write up the weekly posts and schedule them to appear automatically every Monday. So it is uncommon that this happens but occasionally it does. I have been busy with the end of the school year so I haven't been doing any drawing or checking in with any other bloggers. I do, however, love to visit your link ups at the end of my day as a special treat! I hope you didn't mind the extra Puf practice!


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