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joey's weekly tangle challenge #219

 Wednesday edit:  Sorry everyone, I am having some Mr Linky and Blogger issues this morning.  Hopefully I have resolved the link up, Blogger is continuing to be stubborn.  Those that linked up on Monday and Tuesday, your entries have been lost, please repost.
Here is this week's tangle challenge
We are going to use the tangle
which is one that I don't use very often because
I never like how mine turn out.
What better way to challenge yourself than picking
one of your least favourite tangles?! ;o)
Looking forward to seeing how you finish this one! 
~ joey ~

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  1. I'm always looking towards your challenges, they are such a pleasant start of the week. There is a tangle to begin with but you have so much freedom to finish the tile. I do like that very much. Thank you Joey!

  2. Thanks, Joey! I rarely get to participate but always love your challenges.

  3. I did last week's challenge, but apparently didn't post the right link. I sure hope I got it right this time. Thanks again for all the challenges. Even if I don't post them, I try them every week. Hopefully, I'll be able to do them all soon,

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