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joey's weekly tangle challenge #212

I haven't been very productive lately :o(
Partly due to having other 'more important' things to do,
 partly due to the fact that I think I have lost my mojo again,
and partly because I have one eye that has been giving me slight double vision.  It's annoying when you are drawing fine line patterns
and you see more lines on the tile than you have actually drawn!  ha ha!

Meet my new "artsy" assistants.
I wanted something fun, cheerful and comfortable to wear
and I think they accomplish all 3.
I feel very fortunate that my eyesight has held up this long (my whole family wears glasses) and that I only have trouble with close up work.

This is what I have completed lately (pre glasses)

This is my Mak-Rah-Mee challenge.
It appears that I have been feeling prickly lately!?

For these challenges I made up a batch of new tiles and as I was about to toss the cover of the pad into the recycling I stopped . . . and then cut it up!

And then tangled one

 It's kinda weird looking but it was a fun challenge to camouflage all of the lettering!
* * *
Time for another week of the FMT:  front and center challenge!
This week we will be starting with the tangle

I love this tangle
(lots of cool variations!)
and it's great to work out from.
You'll see, have fun!
~ joey ~

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  1. Love your glasses, Joey! They look really good on you as well.

  2. I love your glasses! They are cool.

  3. Wow, I like the green tile and your "new" look (with glasses and beautiful hair) very much.
    Thank you for another pleasant challenge.

  4. That green tile really confused me, it took me ages to notice the white writing, it was so well disguised and looked like highlights. Genius! And I love using up anything and everything!

    Your glasses really suit you too!

  5. Your round tile is very beautiful and the green one is great, Joey! It is very interesting using some unusual backgrounds for tangling. And your new outfit is very nice.
    Thank you very much for your wonderful challenges! Best wishes from Germany!


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