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weekly challenges

I spent my first day of Spring Break tangling!  Sure there were chores and laundry and it was sunny outside (still chilly tho), but my desk was calling me the loudest.

I have a bunch of L O N G overdue Travelling Tangles to complete so I started with those.
First up dating back to OMG Sept 2017!  My swap partner was Laura van Erp and the theme was the tangle Cadent.

Next I have a swap from Beth Bentz from Nov 2017 with a Circle themed swap.  She sent me two lovely tiles with a fantastic spray ink applied to create the blue and grey circles!  Super fun to complete!

Lastly I have a page from my sketchbook that I started last night at a friend's house and completed today.  I started with watercolour pencils.  The colour is off, poor photo.

I think this is a good start, I have more swaps and some challenges to work on next!  I am hoping for a very creative Spring Break!
~ joey ~


  1. The start of your Spring Break is great. My favorite is the wonderful round tile in blue! I wish you a very creative Break with inspiration and good ideas! Best wishes from snowy Germany, Margarete

  2. Very nice results of your swaps, wish you succes and a gorgeous Spring Break wit lots of inspiration!


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