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weekly challenges

I decided to shade last week's #205 tile a bit more and I do like it better.  Thanks for your comments, they really help!

Here is my tile for #206
I went heavy on the shading again but what I really like about this tile are the darker sections (knights bridge, behind the printemps and the weighted 'waves' and curls)  It's kind of playful in a jester kind of way.

I was able to complete the Diva challenge and I must say that Siri and I don`t really get along to well!  It took me a few tries and it was still fighting me so I ended up using it as a border.  
The interesting thing about this tile is that I have been reading about an Alberta boy named Ryan Shtuka who disappeared from Sun Peaks ski resort near Kamloops BC a few weeks ago.  He vanished without a trace and I have been checking their Facebook page regularly to see if they have found him.
When I finished this tile I realized that it is full of eyes! 
I truly hope that the family finds him soon.

I have been working more than usual for the past few weeks so I haven't had time to leave many comments on your challenges.  For now I will just say that I love what I see every time I open my blog and hope that I can leave more personal comments very soon.
Keep tangling!
~ joey ~


  1. I like the Siri tile and do understand your trouble with it :-)

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  3. Your tile with the "waves" is wonderful, Joey! And the shading in your last week's tile gives depth. Now it fits better to the other two. I like all three and the interpretation of Lauras challenge also! Best wishes from Germany, Margarete

  4. Me too prefere your two latest tiles, made with more shadow. I agree with Margarethe that shadowing gives more depth.Both of them are beautiful, especially the second one has become my favorite, this tile has wonderful contrasts and the watercoloured background is beautiful.
    I agree with you, Siri is not so easy as it looks but it is an unique tangle and you have made a lovely composition for the Diva's challenge!

  5. You may have "fought" with Siri, but you came out victorious. I like your finished tile very much. You would never know you'd had a problem with it.

  6. I remember when I first saw what a difference shading could make it was like a such an awakening. I love it when ppl show before and after shading. Lovely tiles Joey.

  7. I think many of us forgot that your challenge is about Ribbons and Curls. The shading, albeit often only a subtle undertaking, can make a tile a masterpiece. And that is what your 206 tile is. But what impressed me the most are the thousands of lines in your Siri tile. I also had a real close examining look at Siri and after hours of detailed 'scrutinous' studying...I couldn't find any fault with it. Perfect!

  8. All are wonderful! I can´t decide for a favorite!

  9. All tiles in your post are beautiful - but MY favourite is.... the Siri tile ;-) Thank you that you gave it a chance even if you needed to struggle with the tangle - the result is stunning!!

  10. Beautiful tiles! The Siri tile is especially stunning, wow! Knightsbridge contrasts nicely with all the curly tangles in your 206 tile. Really great work!


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