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weekly challenges

Catching up on a few things . . .

Two "Finish my Tile - Ribbons and Curls" challenges

#204 - 
Started with Hibred

Tangles:  Barber pole, Chillon, Bubbles, W2, N'Zeppel, Puf

Watercolour painted tile, black Micron 0.2, white Uni-ball, Prismacolor pencils, HB pencil, blender


#205 - Started with Andromeda

Tangles:  Bunzo, Chillon, Japonica, Zazzy, Tipple

Watercolour painted tile, black Micron 0.2, white Uni-ball, HB pencil, blender

 I felt the first tile was a bit 'muddy' so I shaded the second tile less and didn't use Prismacolor pencils.   Happier with the result.

Happy Mail!!
I have been participating in the 'Travelling Tangles' swaps for a while now.
I received these two envelopes recently in my post box!   The February theme was Year of the Dog, can you see the paw print strings?

I also signed up for the Facebook group 'Tangles without borders' February swap.
This is one of the swaps that I have received so far.  Still waiting for my South African swap to arrive!  

Aren't they fun?  I can't wait to get started!  Do you participate in swaps?
~ joey ~


  1. Your tiles ar beautiful, Joey! My favorite is the first one. I don't think it's moody. It has a wonderful depth and looks very plastical. Thank you for this interesting and enjoying challenge!
    Your traveling tangles look like springtime. I wish you much fun by tangling.
    Best wishes from Germany, Margarete

  2. I agree with Margarete, they look gorgeous, both of them. My favorite is also the first one. The starts of the traveling tiles are great, it will surely give you fun while finishing. Wish you nice moments and thanks again for giving us interesting challenges!

  3. It's strange the way we like certain things we make and not others, and our tastes don't always / often agree with others opinions. I like your first 'muddy' tile more too! I wonder if it's about what we hoped for when we started?

    Exciting to see your swaps. I hope our paths cross in the Traveling Tangles Project before too long.

  4. I do prefer the depth of the first tile but how do I get accomplish depth without adding darkness? The tiles started out so bright and happy but that was quickly lost as I shaded, maybe too many tangles??

  5. Beautiful tiles, Joey! I agree with the others, the first tile is my favorite. Using the white pen inside the ribbons is a nice contrast to the darker areas. I don't think it looks muddy at all : ) Your swap tiles look like they will be lots of fun!

  6. Two gorgeous entries for your challenges! #204 is my favorite, it looks very well balanced.

  7. Your tiles are both lovely! I especially love the first one-there's so much depth there;-) Those swaps look like fun.

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