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weekly challenges

Isn't it funny how some people love one challenge and others, not so much?
I have a little confession about the last challenge.... I am so glad that it's over!
It was my own fault, I shouldn't have started with so much saturated colour, it was a lot of work and I began to dread having to do it.

This week's challenge was much quicker to complete and I stuck with black and white with a bit of shading.
The cube is the most basic shape in the series.  When I finished mine I kinda went well that was ok.  I'll call this one a 'warm up' and hope that the rest of the 3D strings are more fun to play around with. 
I think the biggest challenge for this series for me will be to not just fill in the sides with a tangle (like I have done this week!).  I need to stretch it past the string, perhaps lose the string or branch off from it?  Not sure what will happen!

I have complained about this before but photographing my tiles is really difficult this time of year with our skies being so grey.  If you live in a coastal rainforest you know what I am talking about!  Compared to the rest of Canada our climate is very mild, we get very little snow here at sea level but we do get rain and grey skies from basically Oct to May which means unless you have a whiz-bang camera and professional photography training, your photos never come out true to colour.

Well that turned into a post full of whining, sorry about that, it's all good really! Autumn may just be my favourite season, preparing to hunker down for 'winter', making applesauce and beeswax candles, drawing under a cozy quilt with a cup of tea....
ya, it's all good!
~ joey ~  


  1. Joey how strange and wonderful is the characteristic Different. I could wait for Monday to see what the next tile of the 9 tile challenge would bring. Loved every moment of it. Thank you.

  2. A new interesting challenge. I am looking forward what will come next Monday. I myself enjoyed the mosaic challenge very much. Thank you again for this wonderful idea! Best wishes from Germany, Margarete

  3. Well, Joey, I am glad I wasn't the only one that had a 'colorization' problem in the previous 9-week challenge, plus in my case, overload of tangles. I, too, started off on the wrong idea (I thought I will do something different), and was left with 2 options: pull through or give up - with the latter being actually no option. Now, a week later, I can happily say that neither mental nor physical health damages were caused and I am still a happy tangler and avid 'Joey challenges' follower. Off, off to a new series. As for your tile: your KISS method approach to this new challenge is just as I will be doing it!!!!!!


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