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travelling tangles

 (July swap partner Debra H)

I really enjoy participating in Stephanie Jennifer's Travelling Tangles swap!  However, a few months ago I got terribly behind.  Being home sick last week gave me the opportunity to pull them out and get down to work!  I was fuzzy and spacey and slightly seeing double ;o) but I did my best and completed several tiles dating back to July.   Here are some photos of the awesome tiles that I received in the mail, and how I finished them.

(July swap partner Linda L)

For those of you not familiar with the Travelling Tangles swap it is organized by the lovely Stephanie who lives in Singapore.  She collects our info, matches us up with partners all over the world and then we swap a started tile with them.  When we have completed the tile we post a pic onto the Travelling Tangle's Facebook page.  I actually rejoined Facebook just to participate in the swaps! ;o)
(August swap partner Kristi B)

My first "finish my tile challenge" was born because at the time I was too timid to join the group.  I am SO glad that I eventually jumped in to join the fun!

(August swap partner Stephanie D)

What I really like is that receiving someone else's start sometimes takes you out of your comfort zone so you are forced to try something new!

Enjoy your day, hope it is creative!
 ~ joey ~


  1. Beautiful swap!!!! I haven´t been doing this regularly for a long time now, but your post makes me want to go into it again! :)


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