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weekly challenges

Tile #6 on our 9 tile challenge
is now complete!

We have used the Ginili tangle on this tile
and I am so pleased that so many commented
on how much they enjoyed the tangle!
It's a fun tangle that can go as big and bold as you like,
which is what I have done here.

And here it is with the others...

It's coming along but I don't really know where it is headed next!?!
I suppose that is part of the fun though!

~ joey ~


  1. A very nice Ginily-Flower! Your mosaic tiles develop to a wonderful picture.
    Every week I enjoy drawing my new tiles and look forward how the next will look like. Thank you for this interesting challenge!

  2. I do like the beautiful autumncolours of your work, you have added a wonderful Ginili, it looks great!

  3. You certainly made a big Ginili statement. Drawing it in so many layers looks really great and I wonder why I have never thought of it myself. Maybe a Ginili fun tile is in order for me next.

  4. It's starting to look like a picnic blanket. Fun stuff!


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