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weekly challenges

 I have completed the 5th tile for the 9 tile challenge.

This week we added the tangle Muscari which totally threw me off!
(ugh why did I choose it? . . .  oh right, to challenge us of course!)
Also included are the tangles Breach, W2, and Merryweather.

The large amount of colouring has been the most work on this challenge.
SOO many layers, and to make each tile look like it blends seamlessly onto the next is far more challenging than I thought it would be!

There are a couple of mistakes in the W2 on this tile, never a good idea to tangle when you are still a bit tense from the weekly grind! ;o)

Also the white Uniball pen on the Muscari tangle bled into the purple Prismacolor and is really bothering me.  I will try to figure out a way to camouflage it.

 Have a great week, I look forward to seeing how your challenges are coming along!
~ joey ~


  1. Wow! Your "Opus" is coming along wonderfully! It really looks like one drawing in itself.
    I've deviated from your original instructions of working on tiles in their corresponding orders, and have, instead, chosen them each week at random, but I did piece them back together last week to see how everything looked together... It's been great fun so far.

  2. I love your piece and can't wait to see it completed. Hope you have a frame ready! I love this challenge - the hardest part is not stopping at each tile since I have assembled mine. I want to keep going!

  3. Your fifth tile is beautifully drawn in wonderful colours, dear Joey! I am already curious how your entire mosaic will look.
    I enjoyed the drawing very much again and look forward to the next week and the next part of the challenge.
    Best wishes from Germany, Margarete

  4. Lovely work, lovely colours and lovely tangles, that is what I find about your own contribution. It's wonderful to see everyone's work is growing every week a bit more...

  5. Your own contribution has wonderful colours, wonderful tangles and a wonderful composition!!!

  6. Your mosaic is coming together nicely indeed. It is so clean and has an obvious direction. Had I only known....yes, I am stuck again.


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