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weekly challenges

Thanks so much for the kind comments about my kids' Fair entries.
I am very proud of their creativity and
am so grateful that I was able to stay home
with them for so many of their early years
 and nurture those skills.
I had some time to sit down with my 9 tile challenge this weekend (#181)
and play around with it and dream about
 how it will all (hopefully!) come together in the end.
The time was part mathematical and part creative
and I found myself completely absorbed.
I can tell that I am "in the zone" when my kids say something to me
and I totally don't hear what they say!

Here is Tile #4
  Tangles:  Breach, African Artist, W2, Merryweather
Prismacolor pencil, white Signo Uniball

And this is how it looks with the other tiles

Wishing you a great week!
~ joey ~


  1. I think it will be a great mosaic, Joey :-))

  2. Looks beautiful!!! I love your wonderful drawn Breach.

  3. I do find your mosaic very interesting. It will be great in the end! Thank´s for this challenge!

  4. That's gonna be such a lovely mosaic! I love what you did with Merryweather, it looks gorgeous!

  5. I love where this is going! The whole composition is delightful;-)

  6. I was so apprehensive going into this challenge Joey but I got to admit it's been such fun and I love seeing everyone's tiles each week. Great colours.


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