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weekly challenges

Here is challenge #180, Tile #3 of the 9 tile challenge

 I have used the tangle of the week - Cruffle,
and added W2, Merryweather, and African Artist.
Prismacolor pencils (lots of different shades!!),
black Copic Multiliner SP .2 and white Signo Uniball. 

Wow and completed within the same week too, not bad for me!
~ joey ~


  1. Very nice result and again Joey, thank you for a very special,pleasant challenge.

  2. Hello Joey, it is very exciting to see the individual and very nice tiles - I am already very much on the result -Gudrun-

  3. A wonderful tile and a wonderful interesting challenge! I am curious where you will lead us and I am looking forward the variety of results. Thank you for this nice idea and your engagement! Best wishes from Germany, Margarete

  4. Love your blue cruffles! Looking forward to see the final mosaic! :)

  5. I wished I had the same idea like you: 3 tangles max per tile and KISS. Beautiful, Fantastic, great stuff...but no, I had to go the other way and overdo it all, which is not even my style, and now the Mondays I was looking forward to turned into MMs. (Monster Mondays).
    But I am hanging in there, Joey, albeit only by a thin thread.

  6. I'm loving this challenge Joey. However, I'm having a tough time uploading my tiles. I currently don't have a URL. Any suggestions on how to post my tiles?


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