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joey's weekly tangle challenge #198

Well not using Mr Linky didn't feel right
 so I think I have figured out how to use the kind of plan
that displays names rather than thumbnails.
I was worried that I might miss seeing someone's contribution
in the sea of comments, so hopefully this will work better.

So let's get on with this week's challenge!

I haven't done a challenge where I pick
a string and one tangle in a long time
and I spotted some neat strings that I think will be fun to try
so I'm going to call this series the
"tangled in a string challenges"!
(tee hee)

This week we will use
and add the tangle
(additional tangles, colour, etc. is up to you!)

Oh and . . .
I'm going to try something else new by completing the challenge
ahead of time! (big challenge for me!)
We'll see how long I can keep it up, but it may
help me stay on track . . . I hope?!

black Copic Multiliner SP 0.2, HB pencil, blender, in sketchbook
Tangles:  Mooka, Mooka Sprouts, Tipple

Here's my challenge I can't wait to see yours!

Here's to a creative New Year!
~ joey ~

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  1. Hi Joey, happy new year and good luck, health, success and creativity in 2018!
    Thank you for the great challenges every week.
    This week, I decided to draw a monotangle for the theme.
    Best wishes!

  2. Hi Joey, I'm glad Mr. Linky is back! This works better for me... ;-)

  3. Best wishes for the new Year.
    I hope to join regulary and I thank you for all the work and creativity you put into your beautiful challenges.
    I enjoyed this one very much and I agree with Ilse, it is nice that Mr Linky is back!
    Kind regards from Belgium

  4. I agree with Ilse ans Ria - it's very nice to see Mr Linky is back. Thank you for your great challenges every week.

  5. Thank you so much for bringing Mr Linky back, I find it hard to copy and paste on my tablet. A fun Challenge 😀

  6. So excited to find your site and discover zentangling! I love the idea of the weekly challenges, so fun! I love to draw, but I had never heard of zentangle until I came across your blog :)

    1. Welcome Lisa! I don't have an Instagram acct so I am sorry that I can't leave comments there but I am very happy to have you join our little group of tanglers.

    2. Thanks!! Sorry about posting to Instagram, I will post to Pinterest next time instead :)

  7. Hi, Joey, thank you so much for changing back to an easier way to view other folks' tangles.

    Your tangle is really great, love the way you incorporated mooka. Looking forward to seeing more of your tangles in the future.



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