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joey's weekly tangle challenge #184

We are up to Week #7 of the 9 tile challenge!
For those of you that are just joining in,
 you can read about what we are doing here.
The tangle for Tile #1 was African Artist
The tangle for Tile #2 was Merryweather
The tangle for Tile #3 was Cruffle
The tangle for Tile #4 was Breach 
The tangle for Tile #5 was Muscari 
The tangle for Tile #6 was Ginili

Moving on to Tile #7 we are going to add some
An old favourite for many of us I'm sure!
Have fun with this tile, love seeing how each of your tiles joins the others!
~ joey ~
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1 comment:

  1. It's so nice to be back home and having time just to relax and Tangle! Tile 8 and 9 have very few blank spots left as 5, 6 & 7 have been creeping into them! Thanks Joey :)


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